Heart Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp Hand Carved Rock Night Light


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  • ♦ HEART SALT LAMP: Hand-carved Heart Shaped salt lamp is made from natural himalayan salt crystals hand mined in Pakistan. Package Box is made in China
  • ♦ NATURAL AIR PURIFIER: By absorbing and evaporating surrounding water molecules, release negative ions, the release of negative ions can purify air effectively, improve air quality, clean the air while emitting negative ions to fight the electromagnetic radiation
  • ♦ RECEIVE: Similar as the photos shown but unique pattern and color, due to Natural Products, come with a UL Dimmer cord +25W bulb. STANDARD: Large sweet romantic heart-shaped in 5-6 LB, Tall: 5-6″
  • ♦ CUSTOMER QUESTION: Why did the bulb looks brown on the surface, was it used? | ANSWER: Our bulb is 25 watts, the inside of the bulb is vacuum, and the filament has a getter red phosphorus, so the bulb surface looks brown. If the light bulb is not brown-yellow, after a period of time, the bulbs will turn black. And can extend the bulb used life.
  • ♦ SWEAT NOTES: Salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt rock hand mined in the Himalayan mountains.Salt itself has the property of moisture adsorption,The more the moisture, the greater the salt lamp “sweat”.It will “sweat” when the humid environment, You can turn on the light, water droplets on the surface of the lamp soon dried up. Just wipe the outside surface with a damp sponge and dry with a paper towel. If long time don’t use, can use the plastic bags wrapped up

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